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Author-it Self-paced Training Materials

Need AuthorIT training? Learn at your pace, in your office or at home, with comprehensive self-paced training materials written by Char James-Tanny.

With your purchase of one or more copies, you'll receive:

  • Preparation documents for the Administrator's course
  • Training for Administrators and Users (outline available; see link below). These materials reflect Char's years of experience as a trainer and online Help developer, and follow a logical, streamlined process when presenting the materials.
  • Source (supplemental) files used with some of the exercises
  • Up to one hour of consulting, either by email or telephone, for questions related to concepts covered in the materials

The training guide includes detailed conceptual information and exercises that help you build a sample library while learning how to use Author-it.

What I like about your training is that I believe you not only created it in Author-it, but that you used single sourcing techniques to do so...All in all, I feel I am not only getting training in Author-it, but I also get to see how a project can be put together.

Chris Muntzer, Keithley Instruments, Inc.

The cost for the self-paced training materials is $350 for eBook format. Upon receipt of payment, you will receive a link through email where you can download all materials.

The eBooks are password protected and can only be installed on one system for use by one person. If you purchase an eBook, and you need to install it on more than one system (for example, a desktop and a laptop), you will need a second password. Multiple users must purchase their own copies.

For printed materials, the cost is $400 plus shipping. (You can print individual pages from the eBook, although the pages aren't the same as the printed version.) Upon receipt of payment, you will receive the Administration Preparation document and student files by email.

The printed documents are licensed for use by one person only. It is a violation of the license agreement to copy the printed version. (In plain English: this is one way I make my living. I know what your mother said...but don't share! Thanks.)

Your manuals are a life saver for me. I love being able to go back and review. In live classes, I *think* I understand it, but when I get to the office the next day, I'm scratching my head. I love being able to do this at my own pace and repeat as often as needed.

Pat Wade, Documentation Specialist, TMA Systems

Coming soon! Individual training guides for administrators and users.

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