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The RoboGURU Trainer's Creed

RoboGURUs are a group of industry experts dedicated to superior, practical training in RoboHelp Office technologies. All members of this group endorse the RoboGURU Trainers Creed.

What does it mean to be a RoboGURU trainer?

  • Being a RoboGURU trainer represents not just the kind of training I provide, but the kind of training I like to attend. It reflects superior quality in knowledge, information, and instruction.
  • I am not just a trainer; I am a knowledgeable teacher with hard-won, real-world experience. I can clearly explain concepts and provide real-world examples, and I know RoboHelp technologies inside and out.
  • I am not just a teacher; I am a user assistance developer with extensive experience in developing online help, web content, and other types of hypertext documents. When I offer you advice in my classes, that advice is delivered from a wealth of experience in actually developing the same types of online documents that you need to create.
  • During the many years I have been developing user assistance, I have made more than one mistake, and I have learned a great deal from each one of them. I will teach you about these mistakes so that you can learn from them, too. In fact, I will not just teach you the tool, but also teach you to apply best practices in project management and user assistance design.
  • I develop quality courseware that meets the highest standards of instructional design. These materials provide step-by-step exercises, tips and tricks, and unique information from my own experiences. I update these materials frequently, based on feedback I get in class.
  • I think RoboHelp Office products are fine tools, but I understand they aren't perfect. I am going to teach you not only how to use the product but also how to troubleshoot problems. I strongly believe that teaching you what works and what doesn't is a critical part of superior training. I also think it's the best thing for the product and our profession.
  • I won't wave good-bye when the training has ended and never again give you the time of day. Not only will I follow up to see how you're doing, but I will answer your emails responsibly and provide support in continuing to learn to use the tool. And, of course, I am always available for specialized training and consulting. ;-)
  • I care about your success. I believe how well you do is a reflection of how well I've done. Both - your success and mine - are important to me. I want you to leave my classroom not just with a wealth of tool knowledge, but with a better understanding of your job as a user assistance developer.

When choosing a trainer, don't settle for less than a Guru!

RoboGURUs: Expert Training and Consulting

RoboGURUs logo and creed, Copyright 2002, Work Write, Inc. Being a RoboGURU isn't a certification; it's an acknowledgement of excellence and achievement in user assistance practice and instruction. The RoboGURU creed and logo can only be used with the permission of Work Write, Inc. Permission to use the RoboGURU creed and logo is solely within the discretion of Work Write, Inc.

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