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Visit Josef Becker's site to see the largest source of WinHelp and HTML Help information, including free utilities and hints. Check out the extensive WinHelp Enhancements and Development Aids sections for those tools you were sure didn't exist!

HelpWare Group

Robert Chandler's site is packed with information on HTML Help. In addition, he sells FAR, a great little tool that works with any HAT or as a standalone tool when developing HTML Help files. For the latest information or to download a trial version of FAR, visit The HelpWare Group.

Help Technology Centre

Subtitled "Resources and Techniques for Help Systems," Dave Liske's site is loaded with helpful information for programmers and Help authors. He provides specific information for WinHelp, HTML Help, and MS Help 2, including tutorials, samples, tips and tricks, fixes, and more. Visit The Help Technology Centre for more information.

HyperTrain dot Com

Dave Gash provides training on a variety of subjects, including Designing Web Pages for People with Disabilities, JavaScript for Writers, and Online Interactivity Techniques. See Dave's list of courses at HyperTrain dot Com.

KeyWorks Software

Ralph Walden, former lead help developer for Microsoft, and Cheryl Lockett Zubak, President of Work Write, Inc., have teamed to produce tools for the WinHelp and HTML Help developer. Available now are KeyTools, KeyHH, and KeyFindHH, and more tools will be coming soon!

Shadow Mountain Tech

Don Lammers of Shadow Mountain Tech specializes in providing simulations so that you can see what your product will actually do. He also helps you integrate your online help systems with your products to make them easier for users to understand. Also, Don is maintaining the WinHelp 4 bug list.


If you don't want to receive hundreds of emails a day using the List Servers, but need to get a question answered, check out TANSTAAFL Software's Discussion Forums. Dana Cline now monitors WinHelp, HTML Help, Software Development, and Clio applications in an easy-to-use format. And don't forget to check out Dana's reviews of the Geek Cruises!

Work Write, Inc.

When you're looking for "User Assistance from Windows Help to the Web," visit Cheryl Lockett Zubak's site. Get the latest information on embedded help and HTML Help design.

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