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Selecting a Help authoring tool can be a frustrating experience. Marketing and sales departments will try to convince you that their tool is the best (after all, that's their job!). What you need...and what we try to an objective overview to some of the most popular tools (and a few that aren't so popular).

First, visit to determine which HATs best meet your needs. This site lets you produce reports listing the HATs which the specific features you need. (Note: vendors must pay a fee to be listed at, so it might not include all HATs that you are interested in.)

Then, look at our PowerPoint presentation, Which Help Authoring Tool(s) Do You Choose? (choosing-hat.pdf, 360K), that discusses in more detail why you might want to consider a specific tool.

See the list of Tool Vendors at the MSHelpWiki if you want to access vendor Web sites.

Need more information? Several industry consultants, including JTF Associates' Char James-Tanny, created test projects in different tools in 2003 (AuthorIT, Doc-To-Help, Dreamweaver, Mif2Go, RoboHelp, and WebWorks Publisher). View the HAT Comparison Output.

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