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end user (noun): the ultimate consumer of a finished product

Since 1981, we have provided what end-users need by creating printed or online documentation, teaching Help authors how to use a specific tool, creating Web sites that work, or speaking at conferences on technical subjects.

Contact us when you need:

  • A dynamic speaker for a conference session, keynote, or meeting

    Speaking engagements updated! Char James-Tanny will be speaking at the Yggdrasil Conference in Lillehammer, Norway; at LavaCon in New Orleans, LA, USA, and at tekom in Wiesbaden, Germany.

  • Custom websites that are compliant and accessible, designed to your specifications
  • Document conversions (from FrameMaker to Author-it or RoboHelp; other conversations are also possible)
  • Custom Word and HTML templates for use with Author-it (along with the necessary Author-it objects)
  • Custom Author-it AfterPublish macros
  • Custom HTML templates
  • Custom Cascading Style Sheets
  • Instructor-led AuthorIT training
  • AuthorIT self-paced training materials
  • COMING SOON! Training for AuthorIT Version 5!
  • RoboHelp training
  • RoboHelp Office (RoboHelp for Word and RoboHelp HTML) development and conversions

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AuthorIT Consultant

AuthorIT Certified Consultant LogoChar James-Tanny is one of two inaugural independent AuthorIT Certified Consultants (the other is Rhonda Bracey of Cybertext). Char provides AuthorIT consulting, AuthorIT training, development, including custom AfterPublish macros, conversions, and more.

Thanks to the comprehensive training and consulting services provided by Char James-Tanny, our team was able to make the transition to AuthorIT quickly. We benefited especially from Char's in-depth knowledge of authoring tools and best practices for writing teams, as well as her ability to quickly devise solutions for issues that arose during the transition to the new tool.

Orson Kellogg, Training Developer, and Catherine Kline, Technical Writer, Calix, Inc.

Managing Virtual Teams: Getting the Most from Wikis, Blogs, and Other Collaborative Tools

Virtual collaborative team environments face unique challenges because their communication is not face-to-face. Managing Virtual Teams: Getting the Most from Wikis, Blogs, and Other Collaborative Tools provides practical advice for managers of distributed teams who must design the internal systems and meet deadlines with a diverse team, and for team members who want to develop and maintain professional relationships.

To address these needs, this book is divided into two parts. Part I discusses team dynamics, project management and development, and forms of communication. Part II covers the types of tools currently available for collaboration such as wikis, blogs, RSS feeds, and more, and describes the different feature sets of each.

Managing Virtual Teams: Getting the Most from Wikis, Blogs, and Other Collaborative Tools is written by M. Katherine (Kit) Brown, Brenda Huettner, and Char James-Tanny. Order it from WordWare.

Char James-Tanny, Microsoft Help MVP

Microsoft Most Valuable ProfessionalChar James-Tanny was first named a Microsoft Help MVP in 2002 for the volunteer support she provided to Help authors in various online forums, including the HATT Yahoo! group. She has also written a tutorial for HTML Help, available for free from fellow MVP Dave Liske's site. (It's been downloaded over 18,000 times since first released in 2000.)

Along with the other Help MVPs, Char monitors the MSHelpWiki, a user-editable site for information related to all Microsoft online Help formats (including the new Microsoft Vista Help).

If you are looking for answers related to any Microsoft online Help format (WinHelp, HTML Help, HTML Help 2, and Vista Help), check out the various online forums. If you are looking for answers related to other Microsoft software, visit the appropriate Microsoft forums. Please do not email me directly with questions.

Get more information about the Microsoft MVP program and see a list of the Microsoft Help MVPs.

Char monitors several user groups, where she answers questions on topics including Help formats, Help Authoring Tools, and more. Please use the forums to post any questions.

Finding a Help Authoring Tool

HAT-Matrix logoNeed to find the Help Authoring Tool (HAT) that best meets your needs? Then visit, which has been designed specifically for that purpose. Produce different reports to find all tools with specific features, to find any tools with specific features, or to compare up to four tools side-by-side.

The list of categories and features are frequently updated.

Web Hosting and Design

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